A child’s trauma causes great personal pain and may have serious consequences for health and well-being that will last a lifetime. But childhood trauma is more than a tragic instance of individual suffering.

It is a public health problem.

Childhood trauma is at the root of many other large-scale social crises. Substance abuse, mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, incarceration, obesity, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer – all are strongly correlated with adversities in childhood. These crises are a burden for every sector – from schools to healthcare to business – and we all shoulder the costs.

A public health problem calls for more than excellent clinical services. It requires systemic solutions.

CCFH works in partnership with public institutions, private funders, and agencies of all kinds to build systems of care that are trauma-informed and guided by evidence-based practices.

Based on our clinical experience and guided by the principles of implementation science, our faculty train hundreds of child-serving professionals each year throughout North Carolina and beyond in effective responses to childhood trauma and its consequences.