Family Connects

The Family Connects® model is an evidence-based, universal approach to supporting newborns and their families that is based on the highly-successful Family Connects Durham program (formerly Durham Connects).

We believe that every family has needs around the birth of a child. The needs are different in different families, but nobody is fully prepared for a baby. Family Connects® bridges the gap between parents and community resources, and has been shown to improve family well-being, including reducing emergency medical care for infants and improving parent behavior and child care selection.

The model provides between one and three nurse home visits to any family with a newborn beginning at about three weeks of age, regardless of income or demographic risk. Using a tested screening tool, the nurse measures newborn and maternal health and assesses strengths and needs to link the family to community resources.

Family Connects® was created by the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy in partnership with the Durham County Department of Public Health and the Center for Child & Family Health.

If you are interested in implementing the Family Connects® model in your community, please contact Family Connects International.

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