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No-Cost Screening and Referral Trainings

The READY Project is pleased to offer two no-cost team trainings on screening and referrals for Durham providers serving young children. Each workshop will address cultural considerations and historical inequities in early childhood screening, assessment, identification, and referral. These 1–2 hour presentations can be tailored to the needs, prior knowledge, and professional context of the audience.

Social-Emotional Screening and Assessment in Early Childhood: An Introduction to the Benefits, Methods, and Tools

Standardized methods for screening or assessing a child’s social-emotional functioning or progress are often recommended for those working with young children and their families. In this workshop, participants will explore the potential benefit of implementing screening and/or assessment in their setting and identify appropriate tools or measures applicable to their practice.

This training may be customized to provide specific guidance on the administration and scoring of an identified tool (e.g. ASQ-SE), as well as the interpretation of that measure’s results.

Making Informed Referrals: Connecting a Family to Services When There is a Concern About Social-Emotional Development

When a screening result, clinical observation, or caregiver’s concern indicates a child may benefit from additional evaluation or treatment, it’s not always clear how to proceed. In this workshop, READY faculty will coach trainees on how to provide sensitive feedback and share potential concerns with a child’s caregivers.

In addition, evidence-based and locally available prevention and mental health treatment options for young children will be overviewed. Current referral resources are introduced, and providers will explore options for connecting Durham families to meaningful interventions.

To schedule one of these trainings for your organization, contact the READY Project.

Posted on April 8, 2021