Jessica Williams joined the CCFH Board as a UNC-Chapel Hill representative in 2020. Dr. Williams is an Assistant Professor at the UNC School of Nursing and a board-certified advanced public health nurse with clinical training in both hospital and community settings. Her research focuses on improving the role of the healthcare system in addressing syndemic health outcomes of interpersonal and gender-based violence. She also provides training for health providers focused on screening and responding to interpersonal and gender-based violence within healthcare settings based on current evidence-based practice guidelines.

CCFH’s mission resonates with me on a personal level because I understand the profound impact that supportive, compassionate care can have on the well-being of individuals and families facing adversity. In my role as a board member, I am honored to support CCFH’s efforts to empower families, advance mental health equity, and promote the resilience and thriving of every child.”