Post Adoption Events

Social Support

Build your network of support with other adoptive families through fun social events!

Rec & Respite

Rec & Respite is one of our support groups that meets monthly. Parents have time away from their children to socialize with other adoptive parents, have a safe place to share experiences and concerns, and learn new strategies to assist in the social, emotional, and behavioral development of their families. Children connect with other children in adoptive families over fun planned activities like arts and crafts, games, and movies.

Upcoming Events

Rec & Respite (Durham County)  Register  |  View Flyer
Sunday, March 24, 4:30-6pm at Bull City Gymnastics

Rec & Respite (Moore County)  Register  |  View Flyer
Tuesday, March 26, 5:30-7pm at Pinehurst United Methodist Church



Get the support your family needs through one of our workshops.

Learning and Empowerment for Adoptive Families (LEAF)

This interactive group is designed for children ages 7-17 who are adopted and their parents.

Children will:

  • Meet other children who have been adopted
  • Learn to express their feelings about adoption
  • Learn strategies to share questions about adoption
  • Build confidence in talking about adoption with their family members as well as others
  • Play games and have fun!

Parents will:

  • Connect with other adoptive parents
  • Increase their comfort and confidence in discussing adoption with their child
  • Explore ways to enhance their strengths as a parent
  • Learn tools to help their children navigate emotions related to adoption.
Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Many children who no longer live with their biological parent have experienced trauma, such as separation/loss and abuse or neglect. The Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma workshop is an 8-week group for parents on how exposure to trauma can impact a child’s development and how certain tools and strategies can help your child heal. Understanding how trauma affects children can help you make sense of your child’s sometimes baffling behavior, feelings, and attitudes. Once you understand why your child behaves the way he or she does, you’ll feel better prepared to help him or her cope with the effects of trauma. The group is led by clinicians and individuals with real life experience as adoptive parents as well as individuals who were in foster care/adopted.

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma was developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN).

Parenting Through Change

Parenting Through Change (PTC) is a 12-week, group-based intervention for parents of children and adolescents with difficult behaviors and emotions. PTC focuses on the parents and teaches core skills related to skill encouragement, limit setting, monitoring, problem solving, and positive involvement. Each week parents build on previously learned skills that are applied to their particular family and practiced at home throughout the course of treatment. PTC provides specific strategies that are found to be effective in reducing power struggles between parent and child and a better parent-child relationship.

Upcoming Workshops

LEAF (Durham County)
Registration closed; check back for upcoming LEAF groups.
Weekly on Thursdays, January 31 – April 11, 5:30-7:30pm at Summit Church

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma (Cumberland County)  Register  |  View Flyer
Adoptive and Foster Parent Workshop using the Resource Parent Curriculum
Thursdays, March 7-April 25, 6-8pm at Children’s Home Society


Annual Parent Conference

Post Adoption Support Services offers an annual parent conference each spring that is FREE for adoptive parents in our service area. Come for valuable information, community resources, lunch, giveaways, connections with other parents and service providers, training hours (if applicable), and more!

5th Annual Parent Conference
Resilience: Promoting Healthy Futures

Pinehurst: Friday, May 10, 9am-3pm at Pinehurst United Methodist Church
Raleigh: Tuesday, May 14, 9am-3pm at The McKimmon Center

Keynote: Parenting with an Open Heart

Jessica Burch, LCSW

This year’s keynote presentation will discuss some of the unique struggles of being an adopted child throughout the lifespan, and how parents can provide guard-rails for the sometimes bumpy journey. Adoption is a beautiful way to create a family, but the adoption narrative does not always acknowledge the questions about family of origin, identity, culture, and relationships that can follow the adopted child wherever he or she goes. Jessica Burch explores some of the ways these questions can present themselves from a personal and professional perspective and invites all of us to consider how we might lighten the weight of the heavy suitcases that our adoptees carry throughout their lives.

Workshop Option 1: Developing a Healthy Cultural Identity in the Real World

Ginelle Hines, LPCA

Our cultural identity is an important piece of who we are. As children who have been adopted grow and form their cultural identity, they face additional challenges in defining themselves. This workshop will provide parents with strategies for helping their children have a resilient sense of themselves and for facilitating open conversation about race, culture, and identity. Issues faced by families of transracial and international adoption will be discussed, such as answering tough questions and handling discrimination, but all adoptive families are welcome to attend.

Workshop Option 2: Not Letting Trauma Have the Last Word

Mary Kate Humphrey, Adoptive Parent

Trauma can wreak havoc on a child’s brain, which can make parenting a child who has experienced trauma hard. In this interactive workshop, you will learn about trauma, explore the ways that relational and emotional difficulties can present themselves as challenging behaviors, and practice emotion coaching to respond in those difficult parenting moments.

Workshop Option 3: I Don’t Know How To UnPack!!

Karyetta Walker, LPC, Trauma- and Adoption-Informed Therapist

Every adopted and foster child comes into your family with a set of luggage that they did not pack. But, neither did you! This workshop will discuss the role that resilience, acceptance, courage, and equipping (RACE) plays in the integration of childhood trauma experiences into your family and the impact that it has in the blending of the family unit.

Questions? Contact Breanna Williams at (919) 385-0716.