Community Representative

Ronald Keeney, MD, FAAP, FFPM/RCP

Ronald Keeney joined the CCFH Board as a community representative in 2018. Dr. Keeney is a retiree with forty-plus years of experience in all aspects of clinical research with pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and devices, with an emphasis on antiviral chemotherapy and pediatric indications and their unique regulatory requirements. Keeney has worked in a vast range of industries from the largest, multinational, pharmaceutical companies in the world to start-ups and early-stage micro-companies, contract research organizations, and university faculty positions. He has also consulted with U.S. and international regulatory authorities, academic and community-based clinical research operations, data safety monitoring boards, and institutional review boards.

When I was a medical student, I learned  that very little was being done to prevent child abuse.  As I learned what could be done, I realized that most abusive parents learned from what they experienced as children. I chose to try to remedy the situation by forming community-based resource teams to help fill the gaps in these parenting skills. CCFH is an organization that helps parents learn these better skills before abuse occurs.