Clinician Roster

CCFH is happy to provide the names of NC professionals rostered to facilitate the NCTSN Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma Workshop (also known as the NCTSN Resource Parenting Curriculum). 
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Support for Adoptive Families in 20 Counties

Post Adoption

Fostering Hope for Adoptive Families is a program funded by the NC Division of Social Services to provide assessment and support services to adoptive families. Click here for more information on services available.

Training Opportunities at CCFH

CCFH provides high-quality training in evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment and prevention practices for professionals in mental health, healthcare, and related fields.

Master trainers and nationally recognized experts
Innovative training methods
Ongoing consultation
Competitive rates

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PCIT Program

CCFH's PCIT Program trains clinicians from across the country, with a focus on the Carolinas.

Updated January 2017! Download the PCIT Program Roster of qualified clinicians.

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